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The LiquidFence Database Museum
LiquidFence Database Museum image
The Museum, brought to you by "Yipley Presents Accredit it or be in Denial TM "
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Vital statistics
Type Museum
Level 1973
Location Antarctic Peninsula
Inhabitants The Mysterious Curator, Yipley, patrons.

The LiquidFence Database Museum is a strange museum dedicated entirely to the LiquidFence Scandal. Funded by Yipley, the creator of "Yipley Presents Accredit it or be in Denial™"", he would only allow its construction if it "looked weird" and thus they had to do so. It's only permanent inhabitant is The Mysterious Curator.


After the famous scandal, creatures wanted to know and see everything that went on at the time. Internet doesn't have that! Thus, the museum was built specifically for that purpose in 2008.

It was funded by Yipley, creator of "Yipley Presents Accredit it or be in Denial™", although he would only fund the project if it looked weird. At the time, the contractors were not given specific orders on how to build the museum, so they followed Yipley's command.

Exhibits, Resources[]

Knowledge abound!

Patrons can see:

  • The emerald box that held Pen Chi's yellow snow.
  • The camera used by the two skuas.
  • The actual photograph of Pen Chi eating the yellow snow (also available as a souvenir).
  • A picture of the two skua burglars wearing expensive "Bling" bought from their CyberGemz.
  • The coffee machine and LCD television owned by the two skuas.
  • The CyberGemz CyberSneak and CyberStripe, used to bribe the skuas.
  • The television and trophy fish in Pen Chi's lair.
  • The solid gold nest the rich Skuas used.
  • The cashmere pillow owned by the Skuas.
  • The curtain from Pen Chi's Lair.
  • An exact, interactive, and walk-in replica of Pen Chi's "dessert storage" vault.


The only permanent inhabitants are Pen Chi The Mysterious Curator and Yipley.


Nothing, it's a museum! How could you expect a villain in a museum?

Though, The Mysterious Curator does look quite suspicious... and familiar.

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