Club Penguin Fan Universe
Linky image
He's almost as scary as Mabel
Vital statistics
Title Competitive
Gender Male
Race Black Puffle
Faction Link's Puffle
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Challenging Blizzard to Card-Jitsu
Location The Dojo

Linky is a rather dark Black Puffle who is owned by Link. He is not really evil anymore, but is very competitive and has a hard time accepting defeat.


At first, Linky was a member of the Str00del Force along with his owner Link. He never liked it there though, and was at times freaked out by Mister Bean. When he got the chance he would sneak off to the Dojo, and practice his favorite game "Card Jitsu". For awhile he lived like this, until Ford Car captured his owner. Not wanting to stick the puffle in jail, G sent him to live with The Kernel which was where he stayed for about a few years.

While he lived with the old penguin, Linky was constantly forced to be the taste tester for the Kernel's new recepies. Then on the day when he thought he could not eat one more fried fish, Link was made a free citizen and Linky went to live with him in Club Penguin.

Back at CP he met a White Puffle who was named Blizzard. They soon became friends as they both liked Card-Jitsu and they soon started playing it together. To this day they still play together, but Linky can never accept losing mroe than three times in a row.


Linky once again lives with his master and is also a member of the Str00del Force again, but he still spends most of his time at the Dojo like he used to. Sensei has even awarded him with a Black Belt, and Ninja Mask.


  • Some penguins come up and randomly call him My Boy.
  • The only thing that scares him is Casey. Everytime she yells at him he'll go running to Link.
  • PabloDePablo wonders why he is dark black.

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