After The Ford Car's Death Link Hogthrob & J. Arthur Rank Prints Logo Spoofs,In August 2010 Is Opened The Door And Is A Wikia's Fair,In September 2010 Linkio Buy TV Shows,In Octuber 2010 Linkio Watch The TV Shows,In November 2010-December 2012 Was Save 1 Trillion Of Money,In June 2011 Link Hogthrob Makes "The Link Organisation",In December 2012-March 2013 Is The Oil Dig,In March 2013 Buys Linkio,From April 2013 Creates Linkio Page And The Page Is Published In July 2013,In May 2013 Sensit (From Zoboomafoo) Creates The 1st Linkio Logo (In 1 Bit),In June 2013 Recreates The 1st Linkio Logo (In 24 Bit),In July 2013 Link Hogthrob Says -I Have An Idea- Buys And Acquires Lincoln (From Club Penguin) And Changes The Logo Later Link Hogthrob And Lincoln (From Club Penguin) Acquires The Snowman (From Barney & The Backyard Gang) And Arms The Linkio Team,In August 2013 Renames As Linkeo And Acquires Hyp (From The Land Before Time III: The Time Of The Great Giving). In 2019, linkeo closed it's doors.


Linkeo is a parody of wikia.


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