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Lincon Terminal Highway is a small highway connecting Lincon Port and the factories at the other end. It started construction in 2006 and has completed half of the whole highway.


There are many entrances. Perhaps the main entrance is connected to the Peninsula-Lincon Highway's exit to the Main Terminal, in other words, connected to the Main Terminal. Another entrance is from the North Terminal, which is a curve. It is more bumpy and difficult to drive. There is also a far-out connection from the north of the Lincon Highway.

Middle Stops[]

There are few stops as it is short in length and width. As there are to and return ways, and if the stopover is only at one way, there are two ways: either an overhead bridge for ccars or the stopover at both sides.

  • Exit 1: Peninusla-Lincon Highway exits
  • Exit 2: Lincon East R & R (consists of toilet, phone booths and a seafood restaurant)

Factory Stops[]

These stops are stops which lead to the factory and sometimes to R & Rs.

  • Exit 4: Holephontoveh Exit
    • Chromosones Housing
    • Nikea Housing
    • Koko Housing
  • Exit 5: Jewels Housing
  • Exit 6: Paper Industrie
  • Exit 7: Lincon Factory Rest Stop West (toilet; phone booth; restaurant)
  • Exit 8: Burrough Housing
  • Exit 11: Kredhouse Warehouse
  • Exit 12: Laustith Housing
  • Exit 13: Lincon Factory Rest Stop East (toilet; phone booth; restaurant)
  • Exit 14: Biglow Housing
  • Exit 15: Witchcraft Housing


There are only four more stops to the end of the highway. They include

  • Exit 17: Zeek Whichimicour
  • Exit 18: Humapaka Exit
  • Exit 19: Lincon East R & R (restaurant; toilet; phone booth)

It later leads to a house with a bridge in front of it, which it's slopes are very steep. So it broke and the house with no one inside broke to. Now, the exit 20 is hthe end and connets to Highway 2.

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