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Lincon Port
Lincon Port image
The black dot is the location of Lincon Port.
Lincon Port map
The map of Lincon Port.
Vital statistics
Type Port
Level 1-10
Location Mid-west tip of Antarctic Peninsula
Inhabitants 201 Penguins (cited by sources)

Lincon Port, or Harbour de Lincon in French, is a large seaport located in the mid-west of Antarctic Peninsula, a bit north from East Bank City. The port is divided into 3 terminals: Main, North and South. There is also a town under the same name and two not-so-large highways.


The new millenium calls not just the innovation of the newly-founded USA, but also an opportunity for more companies to be founded and products shipped. The Shiverpool port at the far north is not big enough to hold 50 large ships at the same time. That's how Kenkorksky, a distant relative of Penguinsky, and Nus Afar with a team of 102 penguins decided to build an even bigger port in the Antarctic Peninsula.

To avoid the Drake Passage and treachous Cape Horn, they built it at the mid-west section of Antarctic Peninsula. They created one terminal, under the name Lincon Port, and by 2004 the terminal was fully constructed and cargo ships could enter and exit.

Also, products need to be stored and the crew and some others need accodomation during their stay. The team built a town starting 2001 and by 2005, the nessecary facilities were available. Some even decided to stay there.

As the demand for products grew, and that most needed to be shipped, they constructed a terminal from 2003 to 2006. The first terminal was renamed from "Lincon Port Terminal" to "North Terminal" and the second terminal became the South Terminal. Lincon Port was now a family of ports.

In 2004, they constrcuted a terminal for yet more cargo ships and several passengers. It opened in 2008 and the North Terminal was renamed Main Terminal, South Terminal renamed North Terminal and the new terminal was named South Terminal.

In 2005, a long highway had started construction and was named Peninsula-Lincon Highway. A year later, many factories were made and placed all in one place. A highway connecting the port to the factories was created and was named Lincon Terminal Highway. As of now, they are halfway through construction.






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