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Limilia City
Where the next generation of nature starts. Pictured is the MyphCo headquarters.
Country FG
Monuments MyphCo Towers
Mayor Akbaboy Penguin Finopen
Population 10,036
- rank by 2009:
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles
General information
Native name
Foreign name
Demonym Limilian
Founded 2010
- founder Akbaboy
Time zone
- summer
Area codes

Limilia City is a decent sized metropolis in the realm of FG. It is known for being the second biggest city that hosts a PKMN-Jitsu gymnasium.


The city was founded, with help from Akaboy, as a place to harbor trainers and visitors practicing PKMN-Jitsu. It becoming wildly popular since it was publicized in the city that is on the side of a mountain.


In Limilia City, there are two gymnasiums, each of which give Badges needed to access the Seven Samurai.

Mind Arena[]

One gymnasium houses Salina, the Shogun who specializes in the Psychic element of PKMN-Jitsu. Her deck consists exclusively of Psychic cards. Some call this slightly floating buind the "Mind Arena".

The interior of the Mind Area is strange and difficult to understand, unless one has some form of psychic power, or if they have a puffle with them. Some sort of psychic ability- any will do -is needed to reach Salina, who sits on the far-side of the gym.

It is reccomended that those who enter come without pants or a skirt. There are many psychic-powered penguins in the building (who will challenge passerbys to PKMN-Jitsu), and they seem to get a kick out of telekinetically pantsing would-be challengers.

With a puffle, navigating the gymnasium becomes easier. This is because a mystical aura/signal of sorts is set up that puffles can detect. The puffle will lead their master straight to Salina. Salina did this to support the use of psychic power in her gymnasium, even by Noobs, whether they wanted it or not.

Numberless Arena[]

The second gymnasium specializes in the Glith element of PKMN-Jitsu. Its shogun is Akaboy. This crazy building is probably harder to navigate than it is to defeat Akaboy.

The Numberless Arena is like one big trick/fun-house. Doors are upside down, floors move, and there are these nasty floors that send the victim spinning until they collide with a wall; it's very painful!

If the Trainer manages to survive the trip, they must defeat Akaboy for the Badge.


Main article: MyphCo

Myph Co. is a technology company that works on several ways to harness the Pectosphere and make Card-Jitsu better. They have actually developed the Glitch Type when one of there research computer malfunctioned while experimenting on a card, destroying the card, and causing the new type to be shot into the Pectosphere. The building took damage from this as well.



  • Juice made from berries. (Berry juice)
  • Leaves made out of pure gold. (Pure gold leaf)
  • Technolagy


  • This city is a parody of Saffron City from Pokémon.
  • They have an optional master in the city. The master is Akbaboy. He specializes in the glitch type.
  • Many Dorkugese Penguins travel here just to witness in awe of the Myph Co.
  • Lightning Ninjas train here.

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