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Lightwood, officially the Lightwood Insitute, is an government organization set up by the High Penguin Confederacy in the late 18s in the Lightwood Estate to collect alien artifact and protect Antarctica from aliens. Aliens are described as humans mostly but also Walruses and immigrant species. Species that make regular migrations are excluded from the alien list but are kept a close eye on. Lightwood has five known cells called Lightwood A, Lightwood B, Lightwood C, Lightwood D and Lightwood Freezeland. Lightwood Freezeland is the only one left - A was destroyed in the Battle of Lightwood, B was destroyed in the Str00del Pancake Crisis, D was "lost" and C was shut down sometime before Khanzem.

The BoF then used them to help the Moose in Black to prevent universe hopping. They take interuniversal artifacts and store them in Lightwood A (Lightwood Freezeland after the Battle of Lightwood). The BOF can store in the Forth Wall if required. The Bureau of Entropy, the Bureau Of Fiction Wannabes, the Bureau of Secrets, the Bureau of Nonsense and any such forth wall breaking organizations often attempt to steal the artifacts.

Lightwood also looks for time artifacts such as Time Gears and Vortex Manipulator. They try to attempt to acquire other artifacts such as the Time Travel Staff and illegal artificial amulets.



19th Century[]

20th Century[]

21st Century[]


Lightwood had several branches.

  • Lightwood A was located in Snowdon, TA. Destroyed in 2007 in the Battle of Lightwood.
  • Lightwood C was located near the Shiverpool train station rift. Disabled by Captain John Hargreaves sometime before Khanzem.
  • Lightwood D location is unknown. It's "lost" according to Captain John Hargreaves.
  • Lightwood Freezeland is located in modern day Snowville. Status currently unknown.


Administration is officially by the PSA to public. However they're actually controlled by the Bureau of Fiction via the Moose in Black. There are also several "Directors" which oversee the branches. Eva Lovepenguin was the Director of Lightwood A before her conversion into a Cyberpenguin. Captain John Hargreaves is the director of Lightwood Freezeland. There is also a leader of the entire organization. Eva Lovepenguin was leader prior to the Battle of Lightwood. John was voted de facto leader. According to John someone called Aron is in charge of Lightwood B.

The title director hasn't always been used. A women called Ellie (in charge of Lightwood Freezeland) was only referred to as "leader".

Many believe that Aron is the director of Lightwood B.