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Life Island
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The palce where all life is happy.
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level 10
Location In the sea, far far away from antartica.
Inhabitants Puffles, adventurers, other creatures


Life Island is a somewhat medium sized Island far away from Antartica. The founder, John Quebec, found this island while exploring, he decided to keep ti as natural as possible, and only built one building, the sick hut. His crew at the time, was the only people there, Yeras later more people found it. Nowadays its still natural and still populated. John Quebec's Crew still lives here. Aslo, the ship, The Wagran, is still docked in a sea cave on the island's shore. The one hundred people on the island was sworn a promise, neve rtell anyone about the island, for the presveration of its nature.



The only man made buildign is a small hut for the sick. Everything else is natural. Liek caves.


Adventurous Penguins and Puffles.


None, no villaisn have found it yet.


Alot of fluffy fish and oysters, and a river of fresh water. And maybe gold.


  • Almost everyone is happy here.
  • Only a good 100 people have found here.
  • There military constits of 10 people with rocks.
    • They dotn belive in violence either, the 10 soldiers are just people who just came.

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