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The Republic of Lexico
Ehatro el lexico
MottoLexico is fantastic!
AnthemLexicos desert is hot
Royal anthemLexico, the country
CapitalLexico City
Largest Empiro Penguinos Lexico CityEstra Tribe
Official languages Lexican
Recognised regional languages Tribal languages
Tribal Langueages, Lexican
Species  Empiro Penguinos, Adali Penguinos
Membership INA
Government Democracy
 -  Yastra Sesh Hastraku
Republic Sovereign country, 19 levels away from the USA
 -  Hashka Restrulation October 1905 
 -  Esrelo Prasurent July, 2001 
 -  Water (%) 29 percent
 -  2009 estimate 124 Million 
 -  2010 census 126 Million 
 -  Density 100/km2 
598/sq mi
Currency Lexican Dallar (335997)
The east uses NST time, the west uses UST
Drives on the Right
Calling code 988

Lexico is a virtual environment exactly the same to the real world, but computer generated. Now a republic.


The Republic Of Lexico was made when Hanjars from Splan came to make a republic here in 1902, it caused a revolution, as Splans king, Ezhez Elzatru, wanted it to become part of splan. This revolution, called The Hastra Restralution, ended in 1905, then Lexico became a republic. It was poor for the first 28 years, the richest penguin there at the time only had 379 Lexican Dallars (450 U.S.A. dollars). But in 1932, oil and gold and copper was found in the desert. It then became richer and moderinized. In 2000 it lost its Presidential vote, so it swiched from Parliementerly to Democracy. It is modern.


Lexico is divided amongst ten areas. Currently, Daltaro Kashastra is the biggest. The northern lands are mostly uninhabited, and desert. Lexico City has 23 Million people, the 2nd most populated city in Antarctica.


Lexico USED to be colinized but was forgotend and rediscovered by the Hanjars.

  • Efazha
    • Kastra Etzu
    • Hanjastra
    • Pekratra
    • Eshatra Ejasa
  • Daltaro Kashastra
  • Petrals
    • Uslestra
    • Ehalu
  • Astratro

Most Known States[]


Efazha is the 3rd smallest area in Lexico. Its biggest city is named Eltra, with 3.3 million penguin, people. It is mostly desert except for the south. It has 7.9 million people in the whole area.

Kastra Etzu[]

Kastra Etzu is the desert state, the 2nd biggest area, it has the smallest population, 900,500. Its largest village is Yastrakru, with 309,500.

Daltaro Kashastra[]

The biggest and most popualted area in Lexico, with 45.7 million penguins or people. It has the Antarctics 2nd largest city, Lexico City, wit 23 million people.


  • Scientists
  • Penguins
  • Puffles
  • Humans


Also, hackers rarely enter here.


Lexico is a popular residential area and is a great holiday destination. Most penguins or people resort in Daltaro Kashastra and Efazha.

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