Club Penguin Fan Universe
Vital statistics
Title Insane
Gender Either
Race Penguin
Faction Scattered
Health Baaaaaaad
Level Low
Status Pretending to eat things, like a penguin.
Location Scattered

Note: This artical is about petguins that pretend to be lions, not liars or Leo's.


When Xorai felt he needed mroe the clones, he got severl dozen petguins and feed them a type of emat that woudl chaneg there lives, they thought it was delicous and became soemthign called a "lion". Xorai kciked msot oft hem out but left oen called Era. There sis only a few hundred that are rarely evil, most are useful as they try to fiight off Mwa Mwa Penguins and Twiguins, not to mention Petguins. Theres only 4 evil ones, Era who works for Xorai, and three others. There have been less then 3 thats right 3 complains about them.


They are considered good cause of there Enemeys ansuch.


  • They hate Twiguins, Mwa Mwa Penguins, ect.
  • They sided with the good guys, 27 neatral ones sides with Darktan's Army.
  • They are the smartest insane creature.
  • Only 2 sided with Xorai.
  • 5 are sided with Flywish's Army
  • the smartest Lioguins started a small army.

Lioguin Army[]

Lioguin army is a army lead byt he neatral Lioguin Yera, like fish warriors, carry swords and shields. They tend to fight there enemeys, since 56% fo them hate Flywish's army for attackign them (thinkg there twiguins) attack them often. There weapons are NONLETHAL as the swords are made of veeeery hard and stingy ROCKCANDY.

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