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lemon City
Lemon City
The lake. behind are some buidings
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Vital statistics
Type City
Level 7
Location City
Inhabitants see Below

Lemon City is the largest City and the Capital Of Portal Island.its one of the largest Cites of the Sub Antartic.


Its was when aloom found the island, he Slept there. at the Lake.


its like a Jungle Full of Trees!! but exept trees there are buildings and Caves.


It Has Thousands Of Buildings. the most famous Are the Pet sells Koi,Orange Puffles,Red Puffles,Black Puffles,White Puffles,Turtles and Parrots. the next is the Stage. it makes new Plays and the Clubpenguin's Stage Take The Plays From It.The Next Is the Gift Shop.its like the clubpenguin Version but the diffrence are the Staff. there is only one big lake.the only Source Of Water.


Red/Black/White/Orange Puffles. Penguins.and Parrots.


HerBert.Jobert. and Darkotan X.


Gold,Silver,DiaMond and Ruby

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