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Lemon X
Lemon x
Next to Lemon, one of the most prankster puffles you'll meet.
Vital statistics
Title Lemon X, prankster the second
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction X Creatures
Health 110%
Level 100,000
Status Pranking with his counterpart, Lemon.
Location HP's igloo

Lemon X is Lemon's X-Antibody. He is not the slightest bit evil; the only "evil" thing he does, like his counterpart, is pranking helpless souls all around Antarctica; especially Hat Pop and Snowman 1001.


Lemon, like many creatures of the USA, has once caught the X-Virus.

One afternoon, while playing a funny prank on his master and the graduation-capped one, he started sneezing and coughing uncontrollably; then an X planted itself on his bright yellow fur. Since the prank noticably featured feathers, Lemon just thought he was allergic to the feathers. After giving a final sneeze, a blackish goo came out of him; the force of the sneeze was so hard, it sent him flying; eventually, Lemon went crashing into his master, who went flying into Snowman, sending them both into a hole Lemon had dug for tomorrow's prank. Overjoyed and unusually proud at this, Lemon scooted back over to the black goo, that was strangely transforming.

"Uhhh...hello...who are you?"

"Hello, Lemon. I am your X-Antibody. "

"My what?! Oh, and by the way, thanks for helping me get my master in that hole."

"You're welcome, friend. I actually enjoyed watching that hilarious display. Man, your master can be so gullible at times, you know? "

"Tell me about it! Speaking of which, do you wish to play another one on her?"

"Of Course. What should we do to her today? "

"Well, I was thinking we could....."

To Be Continued; This will be featured in Lemon's Journal soon.


  • Lemon and Lemon X look like exactly alike.
  • Hat Pop is completely unaware of Lemon X; Lemon hopes she doesn't find out.
  • Blizzard is good friends with Lemon X.

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