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Leego Land is the only island to have all the infrastructure made out of Leego blocks. It is 50 miles away from Club Penguin and is acessible via two boats: a natrually-constructed boat and a Leego-constructed boat dubbed the Leego Ferry. The island is home to the Crocodiles and Dinosaurs, types of animal not native to Antarctica and only some ever live there.


Founded by a Crocodile in 2002, he used Leego to build a house there. Then, when other Crocodiles and penguins discovered it, they built more Leego buildings in conspiration to the first house. Therefore, they named it Leego Island instead of Crocodile Island.


The island is as large as a city or town, so it is itself a town. Anyway, there are many landmarks, especially the skyscrapers which took years to be built.


Mainly boats are the foreign transportation, though they have an airstrip also, used for commercial flights as well. Boats include the S.S. Leego and the Leego Ferry. The S.S. Leego is a luxury cruise liner made of Leego blocks used for sailing to the Antarctic Peninsula, owned fully by the government of Leego Island. Leego Ferry is a ferry transporter alongside a Club Penguin-owned ferry which sails to CP and back.

There are usually bus services. The most notable is the government-owned Leego Bus Services (LBS) and the other one, Island Bus Transportator (IBT), owned by the company with the same name. They go to every important landmark, and compete for the one with the better service. The other bus service is the Leego Block Buses (LBB), created via a merger by Leego Bus Mover (LBM) (owned by Leego Transportator Inc) and Block Sized Buses (BSB) (owned by Leego Infrastructure Developments), and is handled by joint-venture Leego Block Buses Inc.

There is one train service, known as The Leego Train. It is an inspiration from the Antarctic Express. The train service runs around more important landmarks, and has in total 33 stops.

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