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The Lasoun Transit Bus Service, or LTBS, is one of the two main official bus/tram services operating in Lasoun. It has a total of 209 routes, 800 buses and carries an approx 500,000 passengers a day. The LTBS was formed on 2006 after the merger between Lasoun Tram Operator (LTO) and the Inter-Country Transportation Service (ICTS). The LTBS is considering buying out illegal bus operators to expend its service.


After the formation of Lasoun, transportation was needed as the island was large. Teleportation was not available in Lasoun, thus, penguins had to find an alternative way for quick and easy transport.

Bus operators were illegal, but they did not need much capital to operate and could earn lots of money. Two of such illegal operators were Lasoun Tram Operator and Inter-Country Transportation Service.

Lasoun Tram Operator was one of the biggest bus operators in the capital of Lasoun. At the time, it had 135 routes, compared to the average of 98. Lasoun Tram Operator bought out much smaller businesses, and expended their routes drastically. On the other hand, the Inter-Country Transportation Service mainly operated routes from the capital to other ares of the country with buses. It connected both major and minor areas of the island together, especially on Route 10 which was most populated among all.

In 2006, Lasoun announced that there would be two legal bus services who would receive funding from the government. Many applied, therefore the chances were low. LTO and ICTS had no choice but to merge in order to win the government's favor. Eventually, they were chosen and received 1000LS to spend on routes. They expended up to 1/2 of Lasoun, and earned huge profits.


Lasoun City Routes[]

1. Applesauce Center-Bluegreen Eversnow Estates

2. Applesauce Center-Condominium de Lovoure

7. Rita Paslou Magli-Vaddi Houton Estate

10. Jessica Center of the Arts-Lasoun Transit Bus Service Interchange-Harrion

14. Lasoun Government Office-Lasoun Government Office for Economy

21. Trans-Wachen Center-Lasoun Transit Bus Service Interchange-Harrion

29. Vad Louise-Lasoun Transit Bus Service East Interchange

33. Panimotal-Covert Tavern

36. Applesauce Center-Covert Tavern

42. Wikked Wadzooi-Lasoun Transit Bus Service East Interchange


Lasoun Cross-Country Routes[]