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Land of Antarctica
Dictatorship of Lord Guin
Life span? Babbelonian Empire Flag
Capital Not specified
Language(s) Guinic, Penguinian
Government Not specified
 - Established Enter start year
 - Disestablished Enter end year
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History of Antarctica
The Early Years
Few organised tribes
Babbelonian Empire
Penguin Empire
Mid High Penguin Confederacy
Land of Lord Guin
Late High Penguin Confederacy
Khanzem & Grand Ol' Land
Snowman Empire
A While Back
Olde Antarctica
Colonial Antarctica
Present Day
United States of Antarctica
Geek Empire


Other Countries in Antarctica
Other Significant Former Countries
Republic of Poleland
Frozantium Empire
Hypothetical Scenarios
Mabel Dystopia
Dictatorship of the Darks
Darktonian Empire

The Dictactorship of Lord Guin, the Land of Antartica or just the Land of Lord Guin, is a dictacorship governmant led by Lord Guin, who claimed to have power to control the fish. Many Penguins believed him, otherwise, the fish will all vanish. Very little was known about them until several arceologists found what remains of a very old nation. The remains also told the story of the High Penguins and there long history to survive against these tyrants. All followed Guin's rule. However, the real masterminds were powerful warlods of former member countries of the Warlord States. A Emperor Penguin called Guin was at the time the most infuencial Penguin at the time, and the chiefs and Guin made a deal- everyone will bow down to you and obey you in return you do what we say. The choice was writen in a unknown language, today called Guinic.


After the fall of Um, Antarctica was thrown into chaos; the Land of Lord Guin began to form.

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