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LOL Box image
The LOL Box. LOL!
Vital statistics
Type Unclassified, although considered a 'weapon'.
Effects Excessive laughter.
Source Certain chemcials (including laughing gas)
Location Mainly sold in Antarctica.
Cost to buy 500 coins (purchase directly from manufacturer)
Cost to sell 600 coins (all retail stores, although its only sold at probably fifteen stores across Antarctica)

The Laughing Out Loud Box, or simply the LOL Box, is a box which, (as you may have guessed) when opened, causes excessive laughing to whoever opens it (with the exception of Mandy Mortis, who is literally unable to laugh). This is due to the laughing gas and other chemicals inside the box which would initiate the laughing sequence. Designed by an anonymous penguin and manufactured by an unknown company, these boxes are sold at 600 coins at select retail outlets.

The LOL Box is ranked #5 in the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Products of 2009 by Penguin Standard TIME, and ranked #4 in Most Interesting Contraptions of 2009 by FancyPants.


The LOL Box probably appeared sometime in 2008, and started being commercially sold in early 2009. It is said that an anonymous villain, who wanted the world to laugh so no one could do anything about him, invented the LOL Box and presented it to manufacturers. These manufacturers were unaware of his intentions and signed the deal unknowingly. However, the LOL Box did not do much, as the effect only lasts shortly, penguins would be happier without allowing the villain to execute his plans, and that very few manufacturers signed the deal.


The LOL Box measures 6cm in all dimensions. It has a red and yellow color scheme, although some are in purple and green. The surface of the box is entirely made of cardboard. It has been marked safe by all boards, which is true as the excessive laughing will NOT harm the user.

When opened, the LOL Box would release a strong smell. When breathed in, the creature would laugh excessively, probably lasting from a minute to even an hour. The following materials are used to create this excessive laughing:

  • 500cm3 of laughing gas.

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  • It is sold at the Gift Shop in Club Penguin, although it comes in limited quantities.
  • Some say GoodyMart and RadEmpire both distribute the box, although it is highly unlikely as neither TurtleShroom nor Ninjinian have contacted the villain, the press claims.

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