Club Penguin Fan Universe
Kyle Wish
Vital statistics
Title Brother of Flywish
Gender Male
Race Emporer Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Powerful
Level 23
Status Working with His brother
Location Flywish's Mansion

Kyle is Flywish's younger brother. He is in Flywish's Army and is the first relative of Flywish in Flywish's Army.


Kyle was born many years after Flywish. He always saw what Flywish was doing. He helped Flywish with the whole Mwa Mwa Penguin thing. He once followed Flywish's steps every time. He sees Flywish as a role model for him. He once wrote a report about how great his brother was too. Flywish always babysat Kyle as a chick. After Flywish moved out of his house Kyle went along with him. When Flywish bought his mansion, Kyle moved in with him too.


He looks up to Flywish. If Flywish is upset he would be upset too or he would try to cheer Flywish up. He was also upset when Rose44 passed away.


  • Justine Wish doesn't like him in Flywish's Army.
  • Lwalwaelmo43 gives him Mwa Mwa Penguins too.
  • He is very strong like his brother.
  • Pinkroom13 is another cousin of his.
  • He has a Nephew and a Niece
  • He has an X-antibody who is good like him.
  • He is Not I repeat not' a parody of Kyle Broflovski from South Park.

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