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Manley Senior
His picture. He wasn't a happy puffle.
Vital statistics
Title King Manley the First
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Former king of the UK.
Health Deceased
Level 150
Status Deceased
Location Puffle'and

King Manley the First
Absolute King of the United Kingdom of Puffle'and.
CoronationAugust, 1988
Full nameManley Khadderthon (not used by him)
TitlesKing of Puffle'and, Founder of Puffle'and
Born24th of March, 1978
BirthplaceKhadderton's Igloo, Adelie Penguin Colony 766
Died19th of December, 2001
Place of deathManley Ville, UK
BuriedRoyal Park.
SuccessorKing Manley the Second
Royal HouseHouse of Puffle Dynasty.
DynastyPuffle Dynasty
Royal anthemSame as Koobly Khan's. Yes.
Royal motto"Smaal creatures can do Large things."
FatherBundedoban Nakanamabytasna
MotherKealaiana Juhragastersaqa

Manley, best known as King Manley the First was the first ruler of the Puffle'and, also known as the UK. He founded the country, and made it stable. He lived for 22 years, and that is a long life for a puffle. He died of old age, in his capital, and since then, his son, and the current ruler of Puffle'and - King Manley the Second became a king of this large country.


He was born in a Adelie Penguin Colony, numbered 766. His parents were unkown, and he never met them. He lived with his owner - his name revealed to be Maximus Khadderton. He was cruel to him. He ran away from the colony with other puffles, and founded the UK. The only thing, he had left after his ex-ruler was the surname, but it was forgotten, as he became a king, and earned a royal title. He never smiled, but anyway he was a very good ruler. He actually made the hard work by starting the country. When he "left" it, he was old, and the next king was his son - Manley Jr. He is remmembered as a good, former king.