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King George's Island.

King George's Island is the island where Club Penguin City is located. It's adjacent to the famous port city of Club Penguin. The two islands are connected by an underground tunnel. The island is governed by the mayor of CP City, Ford Car. It was an important part of the history of Olde Antarctica.


The island was first inhabited by many fishermen in 1987, and was called Hagwards Island by many sea explorers and fishermen. A small town, called Landsdowne, was set up on the south part of the island, where the current Club Penguin City is located today. Landsdowne was considered the capital of the island.

In 1990, the city was officially incorporated by a government official, and re-named the island King George's Island after King George, who supposedly stepped onto the island in the early 1600s in his rule. In 1996, a civil war broke out on the island, which left Landsdowne burnt to the ground.Unfortunately, the city was abandoned until DillyDally founded Club Penguin City in 2004, as a safehaven from the famous port city, Club Penguin, ajacent to the island. The island is now continuing to grow and continue to maintain an order of peace.



  • New Landsdowne District
  • Amherty-Kingston District
  • Crawford District
  • Club Penguin City District
  • Lower Town District
  • Northern Hills District


  • New Landsdowne (Pop.34,000), Ahmerty is a fishing community located a few miles north of Club Penguin City, on the northern coast of the island
  • Crawford (Pop.120,000) Crawford is a medium-sized community located in the inland area of the island,
  • Club Penguin City (Pop. 4,000,000) is the largest city on the island, second largest port city in the Sub-Antarctic after Club Penguin
  • Kingston (Pop.11,000) Kingston is a small fishing community located a few miles east of Amherty
  • Amherty (Pop.90,000) is a medium-sized port community located 29 miles northwest of Club Penguin City


  • Club Penguin City Harbor is known for it's ferries and other watercraft docking at the port.


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