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Kim Plausible
So, what's the issue?
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Has a boyfriend
Health Unprecedented
Level Top Agent
Status Saving the world with her sidekick/boyfriend
Location Varies
Occupation Espionage
Interests Ronald Preventable
Friends DASHBOARD colleagues, PSA, Ronald Preventable (boyfriend)
Enemies Herbert P. Bear, PSA enemies, villains in general
Archetype Good

Kim Plausible is the top agent of the DASHBOARD division of the PSA. She is infamous for kicking backside and taking names, and is usually called into the dangerous missions that require force or power.

Her best friend and boyfriend is a Streber named Ronald Preventable.




Kim Plausible is one of the most easibly accessible agents. She has a cell phone, fax machine, e-mail account, text and instant messaging clients, a pager, a beeper (who carries THOSE anymore), and a personal post office box.

Unlike most agents who are deployed by superiors, Kim Plausible is an agent-for-hire, she responds to anyone who contacts her with help, hence her motto, "E-mail me, fax me, if you wanna contact me.". This was how she met Ronald. His hometown had sent out a distress message on the Itinerod, and she recieved it.


  • Kim Plausible's best friend is Ronald Preventable, though they have been considered boyfriend and girlfriend, and eventually, Kim's mate. Since Penguins mate for life, Kim has pretty much chosen her lifetime partner as a teeneager.
  • She is a parody of Kim Possible.

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