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Khakis image
Can't get enough of Khakis. Actually, you can. He's very stubby!
Vital statistics
Title You may call him Stubby . . .
Gender Male
Race Magellanic Penguin?
Faction Major Camouflage
Health Stubby
Level Small from his view!
Status Being stubby & in training.
Location Carcery

Khakis "Khaki" McStubby Stubbson is an elite & a one-of-a-kind stubby Magellanic Penguin. He is praised by Ninjinian, according to the PP. Khaki has super ninja skills, even though he is a very stubby penguin. He has sleath and puts in "khaki camouflage" to blend in his surroundings. Despite being very small, Khaki is capable of many things. Many adore him, but many others take him more seriously.


Khakis started off being sneaky when he was just a chick. He always said "super-sneaky" and crawled around the floor. He wanted to become a solider. A soldier with skill. He was very aggressive & sneaky for his age. After a year, he was going to be left in Scoodlepeep because his parents had to fly to the USA and couldn't take him, and left him. He liked the chick-run country, and wanted to stay there forever and never age, but when he got a letter being asked to join Major Camouflage, he sprinted off his chair and booked a ticket to Satellite City. The one who noticed his skills was Baby N. The president kept an eye on him for a while, and talked to Major Hammy, the one who is in charge of the soldiers to take him in. After, Khakis arrived in Satellite City, but he came to the wrong place. The thing was that he can't read or write. Well, he can write a little, but not enough. His parents were too busy to send him to school. He didn't know what the letter said, but he said that he could feel that they were asking him to join them. He called Ninjinian (he knows a lot of famous penguins) and asked him where he should go. Ninj said he would sort out his ticket. He went to the airport and went to the manger of the airport. Khakis put Ninjinian on the line and Ninj told the manager that Khakis's ticket is 1st class & free. The location was . . . . . Carcery.

After arriving at Carcery, he asked directions to the camp, and was assigned. He trained hard to become what he is now, who almost took him more than 6 years of experience & training. Nobody had seen anyone more elite than him. He fought more many things in his life, but forgot about his parents. Now he is raising himself up. Khakis is not that old, and is at least 8 years old by now. Khaki is now living in Carcery peacefully.



  • Khaki is extremely small & stubby.
  • He is currently being trained by Baby N. in boxing to improve his skills.

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The name Khaki comes from the Urdu language.