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Kayla Hopper
Kayla Hopper
Kayla Hopper in December 2008.
Vital statistics
Title The Rockhopper Girl
Gender Female
Race Gentoo Penguin
Faction PSA
Health Healthy, since she has to spy all day long!
Level 30
Status Alive, Doing Work
Location Rockhopper Island

Kayla Hopper is Rockhopper's older sister. She is also a top agent of the PSA.


Kayla Hopper was born a mix between green and red. This was very unusual as her parents were both red. Her nickname was Watermelon because she looked like one. She liked the nickname and always thought it was unique. Unlike Rockhopper, she didn't take a big liking to seafaring, and preferred the fashion industry. She doesn't mind sailing, though. Her younger brother is Rockhopper. She went to Rockhopper Island many days after Rockhopper discovered it for the family reunion. She took an instant liking to red puffles and lives with one today. She wanted to be a PSA agent, so now she works part time.


  • She loves eating pie. Fred read her file and got mad about it.
  • She is the only sister of Rockhopper.
  • She, like EVERYONE in her family, speaks with a very heavy nautical pirate accent.

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