Club Penguin Fan Universe
Justine Wish
Vital statistics
Title Mother of Flywish
Gender Female
Race Emporer Penguin
Faction Herself
Health Wonderful
Level 56
Status Usually looking through Flywish's stuff
Location Flywish's Mansion

Justine Wish is the mother of Flywish and the grandmother of Flywish II. Though she despises Xorai she doesn't like Flywish threatening him.


When she was born her parents were very happy. At the age of 10 she got married and had Flywish. She loved Flywish even now and when he was a Mwa Mwa Penguin. When Flywish had his son she was the first relative to see him. Her Mother died 3 days after Flywish ll was born. Eventually Rose44 died and she felt real bad for Flywish. When Flywish ll went to prison she got very upset. She really freaked out when The Treacherous Trio "killed" her son. She tore up her own house and destroyed it. When Flywish got his body back he let his mother live in his mansion. Ever since then she checked to make sure Flywish didn't have anything bad.


She will freak out if you do anything to her family.


  • She is just like her son and isn't terrified of Darktan II or WishFlyX
  • She has moves almost as good as Flywish.
  • WishFlyx wishes to kidnap her.
  • She is freaked out because Flywish's son was kidnapped by The Treacherous Trio.
  • Corai finds her attractive in a way because she has curly blonde hair, though he doesn't have a crush on her in any way.
  • She, like Xorai, is mastered at a Candy Sword thanks to Flywish.

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