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Jumpy, also known as Jumpy Studios (previously) or Jumpy LLC (currently), is a company that produces games. It produced three series of games, called Legend, Race, and Phalo. Micro Hard and Soft "accquired" Jumpy while they were making Phalo: Cookery Evolved. On October 5, 2007, Jumpy announced they would seperate from Micro Hard and Soft, but continues to work together on the Donut series.


Early Games[]

Race, Legend, and Jo Momma!)[]

Phalo and buyout[]

Independant Company[]

List of Video Games Produced[]

  • Race
  • Race 2: Scramdal
  • Race Forever
  • Legend: The Knockouted Landlords
  • Legend II: Heatblast
  • Legend III: The Polar Bears Time
  • Gnip!
  • Jo Momma
  • Bull: The Maze of Scariness
  • Route to Opacus
  • Phalo:Cookery Evolved
  • Phalo 3
  • Phalo 3:CDFT
  • Phalo Touch
  • Mean
  • Seals at Sea (April Fools Joke!)


  • They let Construction Studios make Phalo Wars.