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Julia of the Jungle
Julia, Julia, Julia of the Jungle, fast as you may be, Julia, WATCH OUT FOR THAT POLE, WATCH OUT FOR THAT... pole.
Vital statistics
Title of the Jungle
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction James of the Jungle's wife
Health Questionable
Level Unknown
Status Lying on the ground after running into a rather large pole
Location Dorkugese Jungle
Occupation Running, cooking James's meals
Interests Running, cooking
Friends James of the Jungle
Enemies Poles
Archetype Good, stupid

Julia of the Jungle is James of the Jungle's wife and lives in the Dorkugese Jungle. She enjoys running through the heavy underbrush, dodging Focci and Chomp Flowers and often hitting poles (she does not enjoy that).


Julia was born on January 27 1973 in Waffleland She always loved running in the large (junk-filled) forests but ran with her feet instead of her head and often ran into trees, damaging them in the process. Eventually she was arrested by the Fashion Police (nobody knows why they were there) for being "A danger to the environment, which is SO FIVE MINUTES AGO!" and was kicked out of the country. Then she heard of the legendary Jungles of Dorkugal which were made of metal and silicon, things which would not break when she ran into them at high speeds. So she headed out to Dorkugal, having many hardships along the way and bought a Cavepenguin costume along the way. Eventually she reached the Jungle and was having the time of her life when she heard a loud CRASH above her and saw James of the Jungle fall out of a large tree. They eventually got married and spent the rest of their lives together in the Jungle.


Julia lives in the Jungle with her husband James and loves to run through the jungle, often hitting a pole or two. She likes cooking, but her food is terrible and tastes like Wild Teddy Bear covered in coldsauce. UGGHH!


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