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Jozef Pilsudzki
Jozef Pilsudzki image
His portrait painted after he finished his schools. He was about 24 years old.
Vital statistics
Title Premiere of Poleland
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Very mild.
Health When he lived, it was Very Good.
Level 430
Status Died in January, 1928.
Location Włocławeck - buried there.

Jozef Pilsudzki
Premiere of Poleland
Polski (Polelish)Józef Piłsudzki
Born22nd of January, 1856
BirthplaceArd Mhacha, High Penguin Confederacy
Died23rd of January, 1928
Place of deathRoyal Hospital, Włocławeck
BuriedGrand Park, Włocławeck
His son-in-lawIgnacy Moscicki
SuccessorIgnacy Moscicki
Royal HouseThe Polevile
Royal anthemSame as Poleland. It was his favourite song.
FatherJozef Pilsudzki Senior
MotherMarita Lagkhantkabara

Jozef Pilsudzki was a ruler of Poleland. He died a long time ago - in 1928, but he is still remmembered as a great leader of Poleland. He lived for 72 years. He nearly finished them, as he died the day after his birthday. You can easily count, he was born in 1856, in Ard Mhacha, during the High Penguin Confederacy.


He was born in a small village in southern Ard Mhacha. He grew up there. A little is known about his early days, but his parents died probably around 1880. He was lucky enough to get to a good school, as schools in these times were very rare, and not for everybody. He served for the Ard Mhacha army for three years, and he earned the Commander title. After that, he became a very high placed person in the country. When he was 50, he saw how penguins in Southern Ard Mhacha were poor, and decided to help them. They said him, their culture was the last thing they had, but it was destroyed. He arrived back to the capital, and started a debate to renew their culture. It was rejected. So he formed a new country at these terrains - Poleland. It survived until High Penguin Confederacy collapsed. Since then, the country was safe. Khanzem country annexated Poleland for two years, but after that, they became allies, and Poleland was on the same level, as Khanzem. When, he was 71, he got very ill. It was just a flu, but he was old (Penguins lived shorter at these times.), and his body defence wasn't strong enough to defend itself, so he died on the 23rd of January, 1928 - a day after his 72nd birthday. His funeral was huge, as whole Poleland arrived to one of his favourite places - the Grand Park in Włocławeck. Ignacy Moscicki - his son-in-law became the next ruler of Poleland.