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Joseph P. Bear is Herbert's older brother and absoloutely hates the cold. He lives in on the opposite face of the Earth. He is not a vegetarian, a common similarity in the Bear family and tried to enter Antarctica but was brought to jail many a time because they thought he was Herbert. He is extremely worried over his brother's status and is currently at Club Penguin for two years, searching for his long-lost brother. Oddly enough, he could swim, but he lives in cold territory, so how COULD he swim?


2 years before Herbert was given birth to, Joseph P. Bear entered the world. He lived in the Arctic, and had a brother to play with two years later.

His personal life in the Arctic is not known, but he moved to Antarctica in 2008, a year after his brother did. However, it is confirmed that he dislikes the human kind and wishes to banish them from the Earth, completely different from Herbert's theory. This changed in Antarctica and penguins somehow liked him, and was soon considered to be part of the Antarctic community.

He gained USA membership in 2009 and was allowed to live there until 2012.

Personal Schedule in Antarctica=[]

A note was found in front of his igloo one day, and it turned out to be his personal schedule.

Monday, June 15 2009
8:00AM. Wake up and clean up.
8:45AM. Go to the [[Coffee Shop]] for a decent breakfast.
9:00AM. Head to [[Pizza Parlour]] to begin work.
12:00PM. Have lunch at the [[Coffee Shop]].
12:30PM. Return to [[Pizza Parlour]] to resume work.
3:00PM. Exit work for [[Dojo]]. Play [[Card-Jistu]].
5:00PM. Go [[sledding]].
7:00PM. Eat dinner at [[Pizza Parlour]].
7:30PM. Visit Danny345's house for card game tournament.
9:00PM. Return home for hibernation.

Another note, seemed to have been ripped off from a notebook, was found in front of a random penguin's house. It read:

Wednesday, August 18 2009
8:00AM. Wake up and clean up.
8:30AM. Go to [[Pizza Parlour]] for decent breakfast.
9:00AM. Head to [[Sports Shop]] to begin work.
12:00PM. Have lunch at [[Lounge]].
12:30PM. Return to [[Sports Shop]] to resume work.
3:30PM. Exit work for [[Cove]]. Practice sledding.
6:00PM. Eat dinner at [[Coffee Shop]].
7:30PM. Go to [[Dojo]] for more practice.
9:30PM. Return home for hibernation.

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