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Jonny Lunaphone Teawar
This guy can choke on a grape for all I care
Vital statistics
Title Lil' Jonny
Gender Male
Race Adelia Penguin
Faction In Flywish's army
Health good
Level 555
Status Alive
Location Working for Flywish

Jonny (full name Jonny Lunaphone Teawar) was a penguin forced to work for Xorai so he could earn enough money to go to college. He got enough money and is now working for Flywish in his spare time.


Jonny is a normal Chi Con citizen who was (unluckily) forced to work for Xorai to pay for college. The reason he chose to work for Xorai is that he figured that Xorai is so pathetic he'd ask for Jonny's help a lot more than other employers. Johnny assumed he would get paid more. However when he saw Xorai's army he thought he'd rather be a slave to Mabel. Xorai used to make him do ridiculous things like "give Radal a carrot" and "make sure Mectrixctic can't get in here", so basically Jonny was tortured working for Xorai. But then Flywish gave him enough money to go to college. Because of this good deed, Jonny is now apart of Flywish's Army in his spare time off college. He is a mostly friendly guy, and likes Raven.


Jonny used to work for Xorai and was tortured doing so. But Jonny is now apart of Flywish's Army instead.


  • Jonny used to work 6 shifts because he wanted to get out of Xorai's army as soon as possible.
  • He hates everyone in Xorai's army but hates Radal and Xorai most.
  • He is the third penguin Xorai lost to Flywish.
    • He is also not overworked by Flywish. With Flywish being a nice guy he lets Jonny sleep during the night and at least work 9 hours a day (twice a week) but doesn't make him work too much like Xorai.

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