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Joltalexis Von Zappy
Joltalexis Von Zappy image
That's him...
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Zappy, Zappyozappy
Gender Male
Race Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua)
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Club Penguin

Joltalexis Von Zappy, or Zappyozappy(February 14 1985-), is a Gentoo Penguin, formerly a real bird. He has white Eyebrows and is Usually Purple. He is the Character of a Game he made himself, Penguin Brawlers.


Joltalexis used to be a kind and gentle bird whom lived in Trisaelix, Antarctic Peninsula's west coast. He always punished the bad guys but doing physical actions which hurt alot. Back then, he was a young chap. It was only until one day...Joltalexis tells us the story during an interview with the local magazine of Trisaelix:

It was a fine young day as I calmly walked through the streets of the relaxing city, Trisaelix. It was when I reached the roadsigns, which read "Avenue 4 St." and "Metro Road", I heard the rushing sound of collapse. Suddenly, I saw about 100m away from me, flowing lava. I tried to run as quick as I could, but my feet can't carry me much far. I tripped over a rock and then, everything was a blur. I woke up to find myself as a penguin, with white eyebrows and big yellow eyes... I guess. I was in the colour of purple. That's about it.

Later, he was promoted to the rank of a sheriff once the town was rebuilt. Three cheers for him!

Video Game Inspiration[]

In 2007, with Muffin, he made a new game known as "Penguin Brawlers". This game was used for the Snowtendo's Vii conosole and released in the USA by January 11 2008 for Dorkugal and Freezeland November 11 2008, and other countries such as MAI, Land of Flystar55555 and Clearwater Island, soon to be coming on April 4 2009.


He once told the press he saw an "alien spaceship" above the city. Many don't believe him.

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