Club Penguin Fan Universe

Bestowal dialogue[]

USA Penguins[]

'I don't know you, though I've heard your name. If you're interested in helping out around here, you should talk to Second Shirriff Bodo Bunce in Frostburruh. He can normally be found near Town Hall.'

Freezeland Penguins[]

'There's tell you're one that helps those in need. Well, if you want to help us Snowbourne-folk, you'll have to join The Bounders. Most penguins are friendly enough, but suspicious of strangers. As a Bounder, they'll trust you. At least a bit, anyway.

'If you want to join the Watch as a Bounder, you'll have to speak to the Second Shirriff. He's the only one who can sign you up. You'll find him in Frostburruh, near Town Hall.

'Second Shirriff Bunce is respected by most folk, so if he says you're a right sort, they'll listen.'


In order for you to help the Penguins of the Snowbourne, you will need to join the Bounders of the Watch.

Objective 1[]

Second Shirriff Bunce can be found outside Town Hall in Frostborough, near Will Whitefoot. Town Hall is in a walled enclosure on the north side of town.

You should speak to the Second Shirriff of the Snowborune Watch, Bodo Bunce, Frostborough, if you wish to join The Bounders.

  • Talk to Second Shirriff Bodo Bunce
'So you were sent my way, were you? Of course, we usually only accept penguins -- Snowbourne-folk, you understand -- but these are not usual times, I'm afraid, and we can use any nor... er, any penguin of good will we can find.
'Help out as many Snow-folk as you can, and you'll rise through the ranks. All who would protect the people of the Snowbourne are welcome! We snowbourne's are a peaceful folk, and our cares may seem of small importance to others -- the delivery of the mail, the tasting of fine foods, the ligthting of fireworks -- but do not be misled. Our peaceful ways are threatened, and danger can be found in the unlikliest places.
'Aid the Snowourne-folk with their daily concerns, but if you travel to more distant villages, such as Chinook, Flurryville or Pengitton... bring a weapon with you, Bounder. Life is dangerous on the borders of the Snowbourne, and the further you get from Frostburruh and Yeti, the more likely you are to see trouble.'

Quest Complete!


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