Club Penguin Fan Universe
Joey 33
Vital statistics
Title Joey 33
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction ???
Health Healthy
Level ???
Status ???
Location Freezeland
Occupation Robber
Interests Robbery, fun, jokes
Friends Fred
Enemies Rockhopper
Archetype ???

Joey 33


Joey 33, was born 1986. He had no family, so he had to work on his own. On age 12, he stowawayed on Rockhoppers ship. In the middle of Rockhopper sailing back to Clubpenguin, he stole a small boat, and sailed off Rockhoppers ship. After about 1 month of sailing surviving only on figh, he landed on Freezeland, where he has been his whole life. Sadly, Joey couldn't find anywhere to get a job. So he was forced to being... a robber. On his 20th Birthday, he Robbed for the first time. He stole a cheap gun. Put on a Ninja Mask, Black Hoodie, and a black hat, and went to Freezeland,Frostborough, Harbour Sector, at the Fish Market. Since Freezeland is very Populated, there were ALOT of people at the fish market that day, and he got ALOT of money. That day he got 12,769,409,835,892,270 coins. From then on, the penguin police have been after him. The next day, there was an intense battle, with him vs the police. He shot and hurt one of the police but they shot a knock out dart, and knocked him out. He was in jail for 6 years, but never gave back the money, so he has been still robbing, and since he is one of the richest penguins, he has paid them 1,000,000 coins to NOT arrest him. When he turned 23 recently, he got stolen from him all his money! An anonymous penguin, wanted payback, so he snuck in his igloo and stole it. Now, Joey 33 has been robbing in Freezeland, trying to become rich like he used to.



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