Club Penguin Fan Universe
Joey image
Weird looking creature
Vital statistics
Title Mwa Mwa Penguin
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Mentally Insane
Health Terrible
Level -1
Status In Medical Care
Location Zürich, Snowzerland

Joey is a Mwa Mwa Penguin who is good friends with Manny Peng. He's known for being a coward and usually runs away from about everything. He tries to act cool, but usually everyone laughs at him. Because Manny was recently put in Owcatraz, he ran away from civilization and is lived in the Freezelandian Mountains for a long time.


At first he started out normal and he recieved pretty good grades in his tests. Unfortunatley he didn't want to be geeky, and he wanted to get more attention, and be cooler than everyone else. He tried acting like a Jerk Penguin, but that didn't work. He tried acting like Jason Steed, but everyone simply laughed at him. What made it even worse for him though is that his classmates then nominated him as Freak of the Year and he won. Even Cadence, the girl he had a crush on at the time, laughed at him so he quickly left the school. Not knowing how else to get attention he resorted to Mwa Mwaism, and then his classmates laughed at him even more. For awhile they forced him into high chairs, and shoved Mashed Fish Flavored Chick food down his throat, and made him wear wet diapers. He would constantly say Woo Meanie, but they simply laughed and kept him locked in a crib.

Years later he escaped and traveled around the USA. Eventually he met Manny Peng, and Chubbs. They became friends, and they came up with a plan to make Mwa Mwa Penguins the dominant species of Antarctica. Thankfully they were split apart, as Manny went to join Darktan, and Chubbs was later adopted by Diana144. This left Joey alone once again. Being very afraid, he ran all the way to the Freezelandian Mountains and lived there for a while. One day, he was found captured in an animal trap near a small village created by Hunters. Lord Swiss Ninja decided to take him to Snowzerland and care of him in the hosptial and make him normal again. Swiss Ninja will Not send him to jail because he thinks there isn't any justice for just arresting a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Joey will stay in medical care until he is cured.


Swiss Ninja currently is caring for him; he is trying to make him normal.


  • The UCSN is currently in charge of him.

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