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Joanne image
The youngest deceased member of Maddieworld's family.
Vital statistics
Title Maggie's mother
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction none
Health deceased
Level unknown
Status deceased
Location Buried in the graveyard of CP.

Joanne was the mother of Maggie and the wife of Charlie. She died in an automobile accident, but she survived the crash into the tree. She got crushed by the tree, and so did Charlie. She was a model for the clothing catalog. She is also Maddie's cousin.


Joanne was born and raised in the Happyface State and never got disiplined (she never had to get disiplined, that is.). She went to the best high school there and met Charlie. They went to the prom together and by the graduation of college, they got married. She gave birth to Maggie, but when the family that thought their life was perfect, their car spun out of control. Charlie and Joanne, saldy died. Maggie was survierly injured and now has to have a wheel chair for the rest of her life.


Joanne was Maggie's mom, Charlie's wife and a model for the clothing catalog in the Gift Shop. She is also Jessica's aunt, Maddieworld's cousin, and Bellina's second cousin.


  • Joanne and Charlie's car was from Toysnowta
  • Before she died, Joanne let Maggie go to B's house to play chess with him.

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