Club Penguin Fan Universe

Vital statistics
Title whipster
Gender male
Race penguin
Faction none
Health unknown
Level unknown
Status Abnormal
Location Club Penguin

Jiwei15 a normal friendly penguin or so it seems....


Jiwei15 was born in a vicious world where wars and weapons are created.Tired of this, he fled to Club Penguin and started a new life there.At club penguin, JiWei did various activites such as playing with his hoverboard, pulling pranks( He wants to become a member of The Troublesome Trio and many more.


Jiwei15 is a yellow penguin with green sunglasses, a red cap, a black t-shirt and a brown belt where he put his weapon of choice, the whip, he also caries his hoverboard and a sniper rifle is hung on his left shoulder


Jiwei 15 is never involved in anything but he wishes to be an member of The Troublesome Trio


Like Explorer and flystar, JiWei Has Modes. Some of them can be turned through will while others are not. Here is the list:

1.Kind Mode - His most normal mode.

2.Educationaly Gifted Mode - This is his most intelligent mode. This is also the mode where he invents stuff such as his hoverboard for instance.He wears a scientific outfit much like G's

3. Rage Mode - His angry mode. In this Mode, Jiwei have fire based powers and laser eyes and will only go back to normal when his source of anger either burns or goes away. Also if he uses too much fire power, he will faint before going back to normal He has no clothes and has iris turns red

4. Kuuhh-Razy Mode - The most weridest and abnormal mode of all. Jiwei will first goes to a trance before going into that mode. In this mode, Jiwei has eyes at opposite directions, his tongue sticking out and a few of his teeth are showing along with wavvy arms and fast moving feet. Also Jiwei is able to do impossible things such as

. Carry extremly heavy objects with much ease

. Move at fast speeds

. teleportation

. limted flying abilites

. self-duplication

. completely invicible

This mode can only be activated if a heavy object falls on his head. Ouch!


JiWei15 is a master of " The Stare" which is similar to " The Look" except it the eyes gave a move evil look instead of a pitiful face

No one not even himself knows how he has such abilities

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