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Jitsu Mercy
Jitsu image
Jitsu looking intently at the Camera Penguin's hat. What a silly hat.
Vital statistics
Title Jitsu the Ninja.
Gender Female
Race Puffle
Faction Ninja
Health Healthy
Level Black Belt
Status Awesome
Location Metalmanager's igloo.
Occupation Ninja
Interests Card Jitsu
Friends Sensei, Metalmanager, All other Ninjas
Enemies All Pet Shop Workers, Other Puffles
Archetype Good

Jitsu (full name "Jitsu Mercy") is a white puffle owned by Metalmanager and one of the first Puffles to be trained as a Ninja. While picking up objects with no visible hands and created objects from nowhere is intelligent, this is one of the first puffles to learn how to use Ninja Materials, play Card Jitsu and other Card Jistu related games.


After being captured and placed on sale at the Pet Shop, she was immediatly sent to a test facility to test certain scenarios to work around (Card Jitsu games, picking the right card, etc) and after completing the test, her price to buy had risen and, because she was so expensive, no one wanted her. She was place in a cage in the Pet Shop, as an object of entertainment, while being the "FIRST PUFFLE TO LEARN CARD JITSU", she became depressed. Metalmanager noticed this, and immediatly asked Sensei for a raise. He unanimously agreed, as she was a good friend of his, as he was sent to train her at Card-Jitsu. Metalmanager bought the puffle and went back to the dojo to train with her. After beating Sensei, she became famous, and still reigns as one of the first puffles to play Card Jitsu and earn a black belt along with an extra small, handmade ninja mask.

Card Jitsu[]

After becoming famous as a Ninja Puffle, she can now be seen at the Dojo Courtyard in the bushes, and at the Ski Village. If you were to fight her, you could lose, as she has only ever lost two games.

Final Form[]

Jitsu's final form is Gladuisi.


  • Her owner is Metalmanager.
  • Sensei handmade a Ninja Belt of every colour and a ninja mask for this one puffle.
  • She also made her own card, the 12 "Jitsu Frost" card. When used, the puffle will appear on screen, set the penguin to ice, then leave, leaving the iced penguin's opponent to thaw them out.

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