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Jing Jongs Strange House is a large and strange house located at the heart of Jing Jongs Snowforest. Only Barkjon ever went there, and found lots of things to write about. Also, Diana114 came here. She wrote down her things too.


There is no known history. However, mutiple answers were heard. Here are two and the bold words represents the authors Barkjon The house was made by a strange penguin on the eve of the rise of the sun in Sunshine Fjord. I think that the penguin is Mathster. Or Sensei, Pen Chi. Who knows? Anyway. It could be the Mathster as there are mathematical items on Room 3. It could be Pen Chi, as yellow snow could be found at Room 2. For Sensei, he has some Card-Jitsu limited edition cards at Room 1.

Diana114 The house was built by an organization known as "JJF", or Jing Jongs Force. There are lots of plans in Room 4.

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Barkjon and Diana114 only explored the whole house except the basement. They said the first floor contained a kitchen, full of spiderwebs and some kind of... thingy. Research said they were spiderwebs and cockroaches. But how could they live in such cold climates? As Jing Jong is in a snowforest and... what if there was a heater?. Or he imports stuff... hm... Anyway, there is no living room.

At the second floor... there were four rooms. This could be an inn, or B&B. The first room contained lots of Card-Jitsu cards, posters, pictures of playing Card-Jitsu and a bamboo hat, plus a black belt. This could be Sensei's. The second room contained lots of yellow snow splattered around the room. That room could be Pen Chi's. The third one, contains lots of mathematical figures. There could be Mathster, as Fred 676 is on vacation with Explorer. The forth one, contained the Jing Jongs Force's logo and hundreds of plans. The Jing Jongs Force could've been there.



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