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Jing Jongs Buses Inc, holding the brand Jing Jongs Buses, is a bus company which provides transport in Jing Jongs Island. It was founded by Bemcow.


In 1995, when the kingdom moved location to where it currently is, the former bus service, plainly known now as "Former Jing Jongs Buses" though real name not specified, needed to changed their name to tie with their status back then. As a financial crisis started between transportation companies in Jing Jongs, they merged with two other companies. The first one was their main, biggest and only compettitor "Liquek-Anne-Diana Buses". The second is a small bus company which did not make any buissness for 7 years, "Ammature Buses". They formed the present "Jing Jongs Buses Inc".

In 2001, when the company had made almost half as much as the government, the monarchy was replaced with a republic, then taken over by the USA. They were then bought by Antarctic Express, holding a 25% stake in shareholding.

In 1995, Bemcow started a bus service known as Bemcow Buses. The bus service ran from


From the largest to smallest.


Jing Jongs Buses

This is the routes map of Jing Jong Buses, which is poor-quality. The black-colored line is the fundamental line in the whole service, in which it serves between the two sides of Jing Jongs Island. The black line, known as the 'Elli Line', has twenty buses operating it each day. The whole bus service is divided into three sub-sections, North, South and Central. The bus lines that divide these three subsections is the Red, Orange and Blue lines. The North subsection is above the Red, Orange and Blue lines, collectively known as the 'Line Divider'. The South Subsection includes all the lines below the Line Divider. The Central subsection includes all the lines below the Line Divider, left of the Red line.

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