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Jing Jongs Beach is a beach which is actually a large plot of land near sea with lots of snow. How strange...


The beach was founded after Jing Jongs founded the island. Soon, tens of shops and one hotel was built nearby it for relaxation, though it is filled with snow. Unusual...


  • Jing Jongs Beach Restaurant is a famous restarunt in Jing Jongs Island located in the west beach.
  • The 5 Shops is a chain of shops which lie around the middle of the snow-filled beach.
  • The Very Very Large Thingy is a large item found at the shores of the east part of the beach.
  • Jing Jongs Hotel is the only hotel in Jing Jongs Island.
  • Holy Crown of Jing Jongs Duplicate is a duplicate of Jing Jongs' crown.
  • Urban Life is a pub found near the Beach Restarunt. Many penguins hang out there on Sarturdays.
  • Beach Shops Shop is a strange beach shop found at the corner of the beach. Why did they duplicate the word "Shop" and the duplicate contiained plural?
  • Acer-Vengser is a shop which sells computer.
  • Jing Jongs Boat Services in Jing Jongs Island provides boat services to other islands.

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