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Vital statistics
Type Non-Fictional Biography
Effects Knowledge of Jing Jong's Past.
Source Paper
Location It is sold in every bookstore but was written in Jing Jongs Island.
Cost to buy 20000 Pebbles
Cost to sell 20000 Pebbles

Jing Jongs: Ruler and Explorer is a biography of Jing Jongs' past and his success to creating a stable economy for Jing Jongs Island. It is a limited edition with only 10,000 such copies made and 9,000 sold so far, therefore it costs 20,000 pebbles.


It describes the success of when he was a kid selling lemonade in Eastshield. It later moves on to him on a boat and founding Jing Jongs Island. It goes into the part where Jing Jongs created the island, and eventually it ends with Jing Jongs being a great penguin, a very great one.


  • The word "Explorer" of the title of the book is critiziced as Jing Jongs did not want to explore, but to find fresher lemons in another area.
    • However, that is considered "Explorer" too, but the word "Explorer" seems to focus on Jing Jongs Island rather than lemons.
  • Link is mentioned in Page 65 of being "Jing Jong's enemy".
  • It says that his mother died of old age when his mother actually died of a rare illness.
  • The word "lemon" spelt on Page 38 is spelt "leon".

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