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Jim Nospurm
Jim Nospurm
The Leader of the Christmas Trees of Doom
Vital statistics
Title Jim Nospurm
Gender Male?
Race Anthropomorphic pine tree
Faction Christmas Tree of Doom/ wood penguin
Health Good
Level high
Status alive
Location in a forest.

Jim Nospurm is a Christmas Tree of Doom. He was anthropomorphicized by Wood Penguins and lived a peaceful life with them. However, he found out that his kind were being cut down around Christmas time and decorated for sport, so he got angry and wanted revenge.

Jim is very strong, tall, and heavy. He can make very large snowballs fast and throw them far away. He can also throw pine cones.


Jim was made when some Wood Penguins got bored and decided to try out something new. They got a bunch of herbs and other things and used it on a pine tree. This caused the tree to grow eyes, legs, a mouth and eyes.


Jim loves nature, meditation, playing in the snow and other things wood penguins do. He has the ability to talk to trees, being one himself. We led a peaceful life but, every time around December, he always heard screaming, but didn't know where it came from. When he found out that it was because penguins were cutting down his friends and turning them into trophies, he got angry and vowed revenge on Christmas and penguins. He created more anthropomorphic evergreen trees, and they are going to try to destroy a Christmas party. He ironically named the team the Christmas Trees of Doom.

Jim realized that he had great strategic knowledge when planning to attack penguins. He also found out that he had powers which he never used before.


  • His name is a pun on "Gymnosperm", which the Evergreen trees are.
  • He can make knicicles