Club Penguin Fan Universe
The ultimate bookworm.
Vital statistics
Title Biggest (Puffle) Bookworm EVER!
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level 13
Status Fine
Location With Brown51brown
Occupation Teacher
Interests Books, teaching, teaching literature (on a ball!)
Friends His fellow bookworms (and Brown!)
Enemies The illiterate. Well, he actually teaches them, so he doesn't have any real enemies.
Archetype Bookworm

Jettski is the most "bookworm-ish" puffle of all time, and is owned by Brown51brown.


Jettski (then known as Bally) was born, like Brown, to a loving family. The mother was a strong believer of the power of knowledge, and tried very hard to teach Jett. His father, however, was illiterate, and thus the couple often fought. Despite Jett's kind-hearted attempts to solve this (including a box of chocolates and a soak in a hot bath), she eventually divorced his father and was a single parent for a while.

Thankfully, during the last month of her care to Jett, she found a very bookish puffle, and married him. Both now tried their best to make their son well-educated.

After spending about a year in the wilderness, he was rounded up (without much trouble) and put in the Pet Shop, where he remained for about 2 months (sadly, not many penguins like bookish puffles).

Then, one very chilly day, Brown51brown came in. He was looking for a puffle at the time, and after a few minutes of searching, he came upon Jett. He was on sale due to not being adopted, and his depressed look eventually led to Brown adopting him.

He now lives a happy life with Brown, often writing extensive book reviews for the Club Penguin Times.


Often, schools will hire him as a substitute teacher. He is known for giving somewhat hard homework (but he is generally liked due to his habit of giving more than one day to finish it), and he takes after his mom and stepfather, as he tries his hardest to teach the students the power of knowledge.


  • He can speak.
  • Brown has no idea why he named him "Jettski". He says it was just a cool name.

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