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Jetguin is a defunct chick's television programming brand owned by Walt Icey. The Jetguin brand was used for channels featuring action and adventure-related cartoons. It replaced CPC Network and is also an Icey brand of CPC Network. Icey retired the Jetguin brand in May 2010 and replaced it with Icey XD (or Icey Channel in free republics). The last remaining Jetguin is in MAI and will probably not be replaced.


Replacing CPC Network[]

2 years after Walt Icey bought CPC Network, they decided to completely rebrand the CPC Network as Jetguin. At first, they aired it as a block on Icey Channel (SPC), starting at 9:00PM PST and ending at 12:00PM PST. In 2007, they got rid of the block and aired it on a separate channel with SAP (with the secondary language being Penguinian) on every show.

Being replaced by Icey XD and Icey Channel[]

In May 2010, Icey decided to rebrand Jetguin as Icey XD in some places, a new channel they thought would have better ratings due to the increase of new sitcoms and some live sitcoms and the decrease of old sitcoms, and Icey Channel in places without it, an already known channel with an even amount of cartoons and live shows. Icey XD, however, didn't have good ratings. Icey Channel was fine, though. And soon after, every Jetguin was wiped except for one: the MAI Jetguin. Icey made plans to not replace it however.