Club Penguin Fan Universe

You're the guy with the fat wallet!
Vital statistics
Title Jetfigter
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction We didn't ask him.
Health High
Level 19
Status Alive
Location Varies
Occupation Being AWESOME, playing Tails6000 video games, being a doctor.
Interests Video games, buying video games, his brother.
Friends Ruled4eva, Rocket Slug.
Enemies Agent Meltie, Flywish, Rocket Slug X, WishFlyX
Archetype Good

Jetfigter (pronounced fighter) is an awesome penguin. He earned the award for "Awesomeness Unleashed" when he went to Puff Flags, and he was only seventeen when he won it.


He was born on a bright, sunny day, to wonderfully awesome parents. His first words were "Tails6000 Unleashed." His parents then knew he was a gamer, and a Tails lover. So they started buying him video games. Jet began to get used to these and now is a professional gamer.


He lives in a large, blue igloo with lots of rock band posters, a big-screen television with all the channels, and five video game systems for the TV, three hand-held, and five computer CD-ROMS. He has a total of 70 video games. His brother is also a gamer.


  • His brother, Ruled4eva, is eleven.
  • He wears his Awesomeness award everywhere he goes.
  • He likes to call Sye "four-eyed." They usually get into a fish-slapping fight after this insult has been said.
  • He is a doctor. He is the one who saved Cabel's life.


You bet your waffles I am!

BAGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (war cry)

DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (other war cry)

I'm gonna need a phone, a laptop and a bag of chips!

farts Sorry, I didn't hear you.

I forgot my FAT WALLET!

to a random penguin You're the guy with the fat wallet!

And this is the part where Explorer 767 jumps off a cliff.

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