Club Penguin Fan Universe

Jet Pack Gal
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Health Normal
Level 21
Status Fun Loving, Enjoyable
Location Club Penguin
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Puffles, EPF
Friends Jet Pack Guy, RJ, Crystal, Xiaxni
Enemies Herbert
Archetype Good

Jet Pack Gal is Jet Pack Guy's younger sister. Her pet puffle, Loop, follows her everywhere, even into the skies.


Jet Pack Gal hatched on March Twelfth. Nobody knows her age, though. She claims that a lady never gives out her age.

Her brother, Jet Pack Guy, introduced her to the EPF. She wanted to be like her brother,so she always wore a jet pack, followed him everywhere,and copied everything he did until she got used to be by herself on missions. She always had an interest in puffles.

Her favorite puffles are pink. She has brown hair and always wore pigtails. Her friend Crystal annoys her when she complains or criticizes something about her, but the thing that annoys her the most is Herbert. She says he is unfashionable and needs to be more polite. She never ever turns a mission down, no matter what.


These days, Jet Pack Gal mostly attends minor EPF missions and assists with cleanup and aerial operations. She enjoys her job and hopes to one day partake in more critical escapades.

When she is not on duty, she enjoys flying around with her jet pack and spending time with her brother.


  • She hates the penguins that throw snowballs at people in Jet Pack Adventure.

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