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Jenni X
Jenni X image
She is a good puffle!
Vital statistics
Title The X Antibody of Jenni
Gender Female
Race Puffles
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Perfect!
Level 57
Status Gives other penguins X antibodies for Flywish's Army.
Location Flywish's Base

Jenni X is the X-Antibody of Jenni who is in Flywish's Army. Flywish keeps control of what she does.


One day, WishFlyX was walking by Flywish with Jenni in front. Flywish tripped WishFlyX and his fangs bit Jenni on accident. Then Jenni had a hard time getting Jenni X out of her. Then she coughed it out. Jenni X started to work for WishFlyX, but she was good instead of evil. Eventually she went to join Flywish. Jenni always tried to get rid of her but she never could. It got very personal between Jenni and Jenni X.

Jenni X was never a puffle of Flywish's but had always lived in Flywish's Mansion. Later a lightning ninja joined Flywish's Army and he quickly adopted her. Jenni X and Gregory's friendship didn't start out so good. Jenni X was an orange puffle. And as usual, She was told to act goofy and do tricks. Jenni X would often get into fights with goofiness but she didn't mind doing tricks. She later bit an evil penguin and it coughed out a good antibody. Jenni X decided she was gonna make antibodies for Flywish's Army. Flywish accepted it and she quickly made PinkroomX.


She like Jenni can bite others and make them X Antibodies. The ones Jenni makes join WishFlyX's Army.

X-Antibodies she made[]


  • Chuck von Injoface is good friends with her.
  • She once bit Jenni but nothing happened.
  • She is currently owned by Gregory
  • She and Gruff constantly prank Surray
  • She herself has been pranked epicccly by HeyX. (Is that even possible??!?!?!)
  • She has a major crush on Director Xenny.
  • Slendar thinks that she is adorable.

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