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Jellyfish image
A jellyfish swimming
Vital statistics
Title Antarctic Jellyfish
Gender Male/Female
Race Cnidaria
Faction Faction
Health Not as good as before water pollution was invented
Level Currently Unknown.
Status Near threatened to Least Concern
Location Club Jellyfish

Jellyfish are creatures that live in the waters of the USA. They are very different from real fish because they have long stinging, no brain tentacles and cap-shaped faces. The plural of jellyfish is jellyfish but some people say jellyfishes.


Jellyfish first appeared in the Antarctic a few decades before the High Penguin Confederacy. They built primitive civilizations that gradually expanded over time.


Jellyfish don't get along too well with penguins, because both species have to compete for their food (fish). Jellyfish, havig the advantage of living in the water (penguins are extremely adept at swimming, the majority of the species being able to outswim the fastest Jellyfish, but spend most of their time on land), have studied the migratory patterns of the fish for years, but penguins have the advantage of sophisticated technology that allows them to track and detect fish, even extrapolating to predict the future patterns of fish shoals around the Antarctic. The result is a heated contest between the two species to find sufficient food. However, they penguins are oblivious that the Jellyfish are aware and concerned about the population of sea animals, so they fish away with ease. In turn, the Jellyfish are oblivious that they penguins don't know that they are taking their food supply.

Due to the fact that English and Jellyfishian are two very different janguages, it is nearly impossible for them to communicate with each other. However, great penguin scientists, like Gary, have been working on Jellyfish translators to go along with their crab/starfish/sea urchin/pine tree translators.


Jellyfish are simple creatures. They are 95% water. Jellyfish have an "umbrella" on their head that they use to swim with. Inside the umbrella, they have a gelatin-like material that makes up most of their solidness called mesoglea, a combination of cells and minerals.

Jellyfish tentacles have sting cells which they release at will when catching prey. Recently Jellyfish have made farms and food factories so their stingers have become nearly vestigial, and are now just used as "spurs" to guide sharks when riding them.

The jellyfish of Anarctica have developed special cells that allow them to generate electricity and "shock" penguins through fishing lines and other means. This shock is weak on crabs and other sea creatures.

Jellyfish also have primitive eyes. These eyes allow Jellyfish to see light and color well, but they have a hard time seeing shapes.


What a pengun sees (left), What a Jellyfish sees (right


  • Jellyfish are able to make pizza underwater
Jellyfish Making Pizza

That sauce must be pretty dense

  • Jellyfish hate crabs and dislike penguins, but like starfish, sea urchins, and whales
  • Jellyfish use sharks to pull carts.
  • Jellyfish have mastered hydrolics and now use hydromobiles as well as sharks to get to places.

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