Club Penguin Fan Universe
Another Mwa Mwa Penguin. Atleast he knows he's 13, but wants to be a chick again,
Vital statistics
Title not mentally insane but close to it,loathing his bay bee years
Gender Male
Race Mwa Mwa Penguin
Faction Mwa Mwa Penguin
Health Good
Level 1
Status At the Pet Shop wanting to be picked, or clinging to you.
Location Pet Shop, or on your leg.

Jellobean is.... FILL IN!


He is hoping to be Manny Peng's best friend and will try to free him if bribed with jello. He is important to the chocolate factory cause he knows how to make 100 boxes of chocolate in 10 minutes and he will only want 1 plate of jello as pay.

Early years[]

As a chick he was normally bullied by Mwa Mwa Penguins (he wasn't very strong) as his parents left to discover new lands. Eventually knowing he must go and eradicate them and become a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Jellobean is now as age 13, he does it currently to find Manny and become friends. When in anger he usually talks like Mabel when she's angry.

Current life[]

still trying to find Manny Peng so he can knock some sense into him. He has been classed villain because he is truly trying to eradicate Mwa Mwa's. Though many do not classify him as a villain and think that he is doing good to vaporize Mwa Mwa's.


Jellobean wishes to become Manny Peng's best friend, though he is clearly aware that Manny Peng is in Owcatraz, though does not think of Manny as super annoying.


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