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Jacob John Monte Captio
Jacob having fun in the snow
Vital statistics
Title Mister Monte Captio
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Monte Captio Family
Health Excellent
Level High
Status Playing
Location Living in Polaris Palace

Jacob Monte Captio (born November 28, 2008), is the son of Sancho Monte Captio and Katy Spitz. He is very playful and very kind to everyone.


Jacob was born on November 28, 2008, a few weeks after his parents got married on November 3rd. Jacob, is a very playful chick, playing in his room with his massive amount of toys. He also is a very smart chick as well, solving square root at only six months, and equations at ten months. He also is a very clever chick, knowing how to crawl into the air ducts of his home, and also buyng explosive items from random penguins, as well as doing his so-called experiments.Which make it very noisy and rowdy during the day sometimes. He also loves studying in his parent's library. He once taught a math class at the University of South Pole City when the Head of Mathematics was absent. He always gets random stuff from places that his parents aren't aware about, such as the time Jacob almost drank Dolucetect.


Jacob is a very vibrant, and intelligent chick, he loves to romp around, play, do math equations, study and a lot more things. Jacob has played minor roles in films, as a baby or extra. He also, as mentioned, once taught a math class at the University of South Pole City. He also loves flying with his father on aircraft very much.


  • He did equations and square root before he was one.
  • He once taught a maths class at the University of South Pole City.
  • i herasses Fred by saying that Jacob was better at math then he was when he was Jacob's age.

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