Club Penguin Fan Universe
Jackoniton"Jackson" 24
Jackson24 (Darktan's War) image
Jackson Using His Signature Weapon
Vital statistics
Title Warrior
Gender Male
Race Former Mwa Mwa Penguin
Faction Hero
Health Normal
Level Enough To Beat Darktan (He Mentioned This)
Status Working With G
Location N.O.V.A
Occupation Secret Agent/Ninja
Interests Video Games
Friends Rockhopper,Aunt A.,Gary,Any Other So Called Cool Penguin Thats a Good Guy
Enemies Darktan,Fire Sensei,Herbert/Herbert Horror

Jackson24 Is Blue twilight's Signature Penguin

Here's His Theme Song


Jackson24 Was Born Shortly After Billybob Became President Jackson Was a Mwa Mwa Penguin Until He Met RJ (Mabel Screamed at Him To Cure Him) Jackson Became a Surfer After Mwa Mwaism And Grew a Mop Top (Thus Having It Cut Off By Darktan)Later He Went To Gary and Became a Secret Agent and Was The One To Adopt RJ After So He Went To Finish School After Collage He Took a Jet Flight To The North Pole To Make Sure Herbert Would Not Come Back After He Was Beat Jackson Then Resided At Club Penguin City Until G Said He Needed To Go To The North Pole Again By Jet Shortly After The Jet Took Off it Ran Out Of Fuel and Crashed Into a Unknown Forest Surrounded By Puffles He Put a CP Flag There And Claimed The Land For Club Penguin Later It Being Named Puffle Grounds During Earth Day 2010 He Became a Mummy and Took Over The Plaza Later He Went Back To The Lab and Mixed a Poisonous Lidqid He Called "Super Acid" That Burned Anything When It Sprayed (It Looks Like Green Fire) He Still Says One Mwa Mwa Word (Iggy) He Acts Like RJ From Over The Hedge


Jackson Plays "Short Tempered Cool Wisecracker" In The PSA. He Craves a MP3000 And Calls Himself "Smart" Even Though He is Very Gullible and Not Very Bright Sometimes. These Are Jackson Well Known Quotes:

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN IM NOT A AGENT G!?" "This Is It Can' Time To Party!" "Right........ What?" "*Yawn * Im Not Mwawee Enough For Your Childish Games Darktan!" "Puffles? Danger? No Sweat!" "Adventure Is My Middle Name!" "Heh Herberttheeggheads's Theory What a Yolk!" "THE EVIL GERMS GET EM OFF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "*Snap* Argh So Close!" "Oh Wait Darkie Are You Fighting Or Sleeping I Couldnt Tell" "YOUR DROPING ALL THE PUFFLES MAN!"


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