Club Penguin Fan Universe
A True Warrior
Vital statistics
Title Commander of the 1st Legion of the High Penguin Renement Army
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction High Penguin, Inquisitors
Health Good
Level 567
Status Fighting in the Great Darktonian Pie War
Location Read above

Jackio (he prefers to be called Jack) is a High Penguin serving as a commander in the 1st Legion in the High Penguin Renement Army. He is believed to have made the Amulet of Fighters since he's a pro at sword fighting. He denys it, though, saying that it's illegal to hold a artificial amulet. However, it was later proven that he did have it but the South Pole Council aloud it due to the fact that he is a really good fighter without the amulet, so you can already see how he really fights with the amulet.


Jackio was born in the later years of the High Penguin Confederacy. He fought against the Khanzem, however, he only entered when that harbour was PWNED! He fought as a warrior and quickly rose up the ranks. When the Snowmans arrived, he agreeded to fight for them eventhough he hated the Snowmans. He later quited and rejoined the other High Penguins in exile. When Olde Antartica arrived, he began travling freely. Sadly, the Colonial Antartica soon arrived, restricting him to a colony. When the rebellion started, he joined the side of the rebels and fought in some of the major battles. He became a legend, but he got sick of Penguins asking if he could sign their books. That's why after the war, he left to a place which would later become Freezeland. He crafted the Figter Amulet, to keep hostiles out of his area. When Triskelle colonised Freezeland, he felt safer with more High Penguins so he decided to leave his hiding. His name by now has been forgoten and he was able to by a small house. He had two Chicks who, like his father, were great fighters. he joined the High Penguin Renement army and formed the 1st Legion which would attack one of Darktan's castles. He is fighting in the Great Darktonian Pie War, commanding 1st Legion and being the only part of Renement army to not be defending South Pole City.


During the Khanzem era, he remained neutral until the Naughtzees attacked that harbour place.

During the Snowman Empire, he agreed to fight for them but he later left.

He is right now fighting in the Great Darktonian Pie War.


  • He wishes he was with his sons and his wife.
  • Some think he's a Ninja. He denies it though
    • He also denies other things.

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